For the Birds

This is my 200th post! 200! I was going to do a big celebratory post, but I forgot. So maybe on Monday we can celebrate. Everyone is welcome to the party!

Anyway, on with today’s post…

We enjoy birds. Most birds, anyway. The pigeons and seagulls can piss off. We have several feeders set up around our house. We have bell feeders out front. The birds love to peck the seeds and nuts off them. We have a feeder in the backyard to attract the ugly, greedy pigeons away from the feeders close to the house. We have four feeders near our kitchen window – two of them are for finches, one is for hummingbirds and one is for shelled peanuts to feed some of them bigger birds that aren’t pigeons. Grackles, bluejays (but not the Toronto kind), and crows.

Yes, we like crows. They’re smart. They’re not greedy. Selfish maybe, but not greedy. And if you’re lucky they bring you shiny gifts. We haven’t been lucky yet. DW loves to capture shots of the birds that visit our house for a meal or two or hundred. I thought I would share some of her photos with you.

A crow holding a peanut under his foot to crack open the shell

A crow holding a peanut under his foot to crack open the shell (taken back in April)

blue jay

Bluejay taking a peanut

cedar waxwing

Cedar Waxwing having rest


Grackle waiting his turn for a peanut


Hummingbird waiting his turn


Junco looking for dropped seeds

purple finch

Purple finch (though they look red to us) at the bell feeder

red wing blackbird

Red wing blackbird at the homemade feeder (which was replaced by the bell feeder)


Red Headed Woodpecker. Though, technically this one was not at our house, they do come by.

yellow finches

Hot spot for yellow finches

Quaker Parrot

This pretty birdy lives inside. Piper is Quaker Parrot.

Happy 200th post and don’t forget to come celebrate right here on my blog on Monday!


12 thoughts on “For the Birds

  1. Crows are my favorite birds, just “caws”…

    Seriously, they’re fun to watch. Extraordinary bright; you can tell how smart they are just by watching them. A lot of them spend winter here, and when the sky is overcast and it’s cold and blustery (nowhere near Canada cloud and blustery), hearing them call each other and seeing them on the wing or on the ground adds a certain Charles Addams air to everything.

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  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! And I love that you love crows! More people need to get on board with crows. They’re sooo smart! For fun sometime if you have time for it, check out the crow intelligence tests that the BBC did. They’re amazing. πŸ™‚

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    • We’ve seen the crow intelligence tests πŸ™‚ And you’re right, they are amazing. There’s also one of girl feeding crows peanuts (which where we got the idea) and they started leaving her “presents”. Another lady photographed the crows frequently. One day she lost the lens cap and a week or so later the crows brought it back to her and left in the feeder where she would put the peanuts. Glad you loved it! I know crows are in the same boat with spiders, snakes, and bats. They’re not very well appreciated.

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  3. Happy 200th post! What a milestone. Love the pictures of the birds – junco is truly pretty and the grackle and cedar waxwing are my favorite shots of the lot. I’ve thought of getting a cuckatoo years back – but decided against it as they can cause such mayhem. Pluswith Squirt and Spud, I don’t think I hv any energy left.

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    • Thanks! Our Quaker is pretty cool. She doesn’t require much work. We change her food and water on a daily basis and cover her cage at night. Other than an occasional cleaning, that’s it. Unfortunately, she was a hand me down from pet store (she was free) so she’s not very friendly. Our next one will be social.


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