The Countdown

In one week we embark on our 20 our drive to Maryland. There is so much I/we would like to do while we are there, there is no likelihood of doing all of it. First and foremost, we’ll be visiting all the family we haven’t seen for five years: mom and dad (though we saw them last summer when they came north), my brother (who I got to see back in May) and sister-in-law and their two kids (7 and 5 years old), grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.

Of course, there are places I’d like to go as well. I would love to show Crash and Bang the area I did most of my growing up: my favorite river to kayak, the ball field I played many a game on, “The Farm”, and my friend’s parent’s farm to see cows and chickens and tractors. They both have birthday money to spend and I hear there is a Lego store nearby. Wouldn’t they go out of their minds – much like when they rode the escalators. Taking in a baseball game would fun, too.

*Side note: Crash had his first baseball practice last night. He loved it. The coach was most impressed with his hitting. He told us the other kids were timid, concentrating most on just hitting the ball. Not Crash. He swung for all he was worth and got the ball lodged in fence. Bang just played in all the dirt.

We’ll also be venturing down to where we lived before moving to Canada. Hopefully, we’ll get to see lots of friends down there. Crash had a special friend there, though he doesn’t remember her now.

Crash was only two when we moved up from the States. We haven’t been back since the summer of 2010. Bang has never been. In 2010 we flew down. This time we are driving. Adventure awaits!

Now, I pose this question. What are some good road trip games to play for twenty hours with an 8 and a 4 year old? 

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