When ya gotta go

So the other day Crash and Bang had friends over. They happen to be sisters. The oldest is a grade behind Crash and the youngest is Bang’s age. They’ll be in class together in September. The four of them played and had a grand time while DW and I chatted with their mother about camping, and work and stuff. Suddenly, the four of them come bursting out of the basement laughing their heads off. Bang had kissed the youngest girl on her cheek! What a playa.

Then they went outside. They thought they were sneaking because Bang was still in his pajamas. No worries, they were just going to back yard to jump on the trampoline. So we kept on chatting. It wasn’t until later that we found out the juicy gossip. Behind our house is small tree or a bush. Doesn’t matter. What matters is that Bang calls it a pee tree because ever since his older brother taught him he could pee outside, that’s the tree he pees on.

Anyway, Bang peed on his tree as usual. However, this time he had an audience of his brother and two girls! Crash and the older sister attempted to cover the eyes of the younger sister. Didn’t phase Bang any. When you’re a boy, the world is your urinal. When you’re 3, you have no dignity.
Cooper peed in the back field on a tree while Peyton and Rhy tried to hide Kaelyn’s eyes.

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