Meet Me By the Food Court


Mall rats. These kids were so ungrateful. Their parents were just as bad. This job is cake walk when they update their status to “Out with friends” complete with location. All I have to do is dress the part. She was sweet and attractive with a few friends at Hudson Outfitters. I made a few small comments to break the ice. That turned to conversation and it was just my luck that she wanted to go TRAK with me.

“Meet me at the food court, guys. I’ll be right back,” she told her friends.

Like hell she would.

This is a story in 100 words or fewer for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle-Wisoff-Fields based on the photo above. It was also inspired by A Momma’s View and her warnings of child abduction. Please take heed and protect your children.

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33 thoughts on “Meet Me By the Food Court

  1. Scary stuff. I have relatives on both sides of the law who have made me uber aware of these dangers. Caution should never be thrown to the wind, and leaving one’s smart phone at home or in another location where one happens not to be can be a good thing in throwing the stalkers off the scent. On the other hand, that smart phone could be a literal lifesaver for the youngster if she manages to keep it on her person. A GPS is invaluable in locating missing persons. Good story with a timely warning.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail


    • I didn’t even think of it in that light. The cell can be dangerous if it makes us trackable yet it can save our lives at the same time. We just really need to be careful who we tell where we’re going. Thanks for reading!

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  2. Very, very creepy and dark. This may as well be a mystical or real-life vampire who sucks the life and joy out of the unfortunate victim. Great story.

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    • Than you Rochelle. Having two kids of my own, this wasn’t one of my favorite piece to write. However, it does happen so I attempted to write it from the creep’s point of view. Thanks for reading.


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