An Odd Post

This story that’s not actually a story has 115 words. It’s not a normal story. It’s unusual. I can think of a story by omitting an important symbol. Can you spot what it is uncanny? You may find it amazing if you can spot this abnormality. I didn’t think I could it at first. But as I told my story, I found I could do it without pausing. Words would magically form, as if from thin air. Not all authors can do this so skillfully. It’s an ability, though not difficult if you think about it. I want you to try to do what I did. Can you jot down a paragraph without using an E?

8 thoughts on “An Odd Post

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  4. No WAY!!!! My husband and I heard a story on NPR 30 years ago about a book written with no “e’s.” We told our kids about it when they were small, and they created an ongoing story titled “Book Humans” with no “e’s” in it, that went on for a couple of years. We still use phrases from that very interesting volume – like “Us must paint our nails.”

    Found your blog through Bumbi’s Mom’s post today – what a great find! 🙂


    • Briann is a great writer/blogger. I love reading her stories about Bumbi. I’m going to have to find that book with no e’s. That’s amazing that your kids wrote their own. What a great idea! Thanks for stopping by!

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