My Summer Bucket List

Next week is Crash’s last week of school. I’d say it’s his last full week, but it’s not even that because there is no school Friday. His last official day is the 30th, but he’s only in school long enough to pick up his report card. Then we have two month of summer. I just wish summer like weather would get here so we can start the summer bucket list! It’s nearing the end of June and the temps dipped to 3C (37F) the other night. Brrr. Nights are still getting down 8-10 degrees (46-50F). The days are bit better, but not by much. This week’s high is 18C (64F). True summer will get here eventually. We seem to be about a month behind.

Anyway, with summer vacation comes the ultimate teacher perk, vacation. Two months not in our own classroom. Then after about an hour of no school, many parents hear “I’m bored.” There are thousands of summer boredom busters. But I’m planning on getting out of the backyard for some grand adventures.

There are some great waterfalls around. My favorite being North River Falls. However, it’s a 9 km hike just to get this majestic 100′ waterfall. I’m not sure Crash and Bang would survive that kind of walk. There are others they could make it to, but none of the caliber of North River. If we don’t make it waterfalls, I’ll at least be going hiking.

I plan on hitting up some geocaches. For those unfamiliar with this relatively new endeavor, it’s simply using multimillion dollar satellites to find Tupperware in the woods.Β  With a GPS and a free account you can find “treasure” that others have hidden. Sign the log book, trade an item (if you want) and move on to look for the next cache. Some are very easy and some are very hard. I don’t really have any that just have to get. I just like going.

Road trip! We’re planning a trip to see my family in the States. I plan on finding some geocaches along the way and a couple after we get there. It would be neat to find one in each state we drive through. However, seeing as how we’ll be on major highways the entire time it may not be too easy. No one other my parents have met Bang. We haven’t seen my brother and sister-in-law’s kids for five years. I’m sure they’ve changed a bit! Thank God for facebook so we can keep up to date with each other. We’re also going to try to get to Virginia where we lived before moving to Canada. So we have quite a trip coming up!

Now that we have a new baby who can easily carry two kayaks, I plan on getting out on the water more than I did last summer. Bang and I made it out twice last year. Right now all we have are pool noodles to set the kayaks on on top of the RAV. We’d like to get a rack to put them on so they don’t have to sit on the roof.

I also plan on spending some quiet time at my in law’s cottage on the lake.

cottage beachThe shoreline is actually straight. It looks curved here because it’s a panoramic view. You’re looking two opposite directions at the same time which also make the beach look wider than it truly is. But nevertheless, it’s a nice quiet, secluded spot. It’s also illegal to go to the cottage without skipping rocks.

Our hallways are in desperate need of painting.

Our garden is sad looking. Onions are the only thing coming up because it’s the only thing we have planted. Our other veggies were started in a friend’s greenhouse. As soon as they’re strong enough to be outside, they’ll be transplanted to our backyard.

Crash will be joining a baseball team this summer. I’m excited to watch him learn and improve. He already has a wicket arm and bat. But the only thing he can catch is a cold.

I’m sure DW has her own list as well. We’ll have to do some merging.


16 thoughts on “My Summer Bucket List

  1. I need to have a summer like that. This summer is all work and not very much play. No traveling, either. But we can’t afford it, since we’re trying to save money for our move to Canada. One thing I look forward to is road trips. I’d love to drive around Canada and the US.


    • Hello and thanks for stopping by. Beverly Cleary was one one my favorites growing up. As was Matt Christopher. Summer is going to go by fast if I get to do everyhing I’d like to do!


    • Congrats on finding me! Guess I wasn’t hiding very well πŸ™‚ I have a to do list. However, with 2 young boys and a darling wife, we’ll see how much of it gets accomplished!


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