Lights Out

hyde-hall-lightDazzling gowns. Crisp tuxedos. An estate to die for. A 12 piece band played Dixie. All of the Who’s Who of the upper tax bracket were there. Small talk was made by people with large pockets and empty dreams. A soft ringing sounded as the gracious hosts called a toast. His three tined fork pinged his crystal champagne flute. Voices quieted to a hush as guests gathered near. “As you all have heard, by now…” he started. Suddenly, darkness consumed, a crash thundered through the silence. Shattered glass tinkled. A flicker of flame pronounced the butler dead under the fallen chandelier.

This is a story in 100 words or fewer (this one happens to be exactly 100) for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle-Wisoff-Fields based on the photo above. Click the blue frog to read more stories inspired by this photo!

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