23 Questions to Ask Your Kids

Child’s Name: Crash
Age: 8
1. What is something Dad always says to you?
2. What makes Dad happy?
Cleaning up my own mess without being told
3. What makes Dad sad?
When I’m not listening
4. How does Dad make you laugh?
Makes funny faces
5. What was Dad like as a child?
Good listener, playful
6. How old is Dad?
7. How tall is Dad?
Twenty seven feet tall
8. What is Dad’s favourite thing to do?
Run, Cook
9. What does Dad do when you’re not here?
Goes out for a run without me because he goes too far
10. If Dad becomes famous what will it be for?
For being an awesome dad
11. What is Dad really good at?
Running, Cooking
12. What is Dad not very good at?
Riding a backwards bike
13. What is Dad’s job?
14. What makes you proud of Dad?
Bringing home treats from Guppie’s Store after work
15. What is Dad’s favourite food?
16. What do you and Dad do together?
Bike, jump on the trampoline, play Frisbee golf
17. How are you and Dad the same?
We both like playing Frisbee golf
18. If your Dad was a cartoon character who would he be?
Charlie Brown
19. How are you and Dad different?
Dad goes running at night and I don’t
20. How do you know Dad loves you?
He snuggles me at bedtime
21. What does Dad like best about Mommy?
She is beautiful
22. Where is Dad’s favourite place to go?
23. How old was Dad when you were born?
27I’m still debating on whether I should provide the correct answers or just let them stand as is and let you guess which ones are right. He nailed number 7.


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