Real Neat Blog and a Versatile Award!

realneatblogawardI’m not one to toot my horn. I really don’t like talking about myself. It’s same for photographing. I love taking the pictures far more than I enjoy the camera being pointed at me. But sometimes, when others have liked what I have done, I need to acknowledge that I am making a difference. Even if it is simply providing some entertaining reading material. So Izzy for nominating me for the Real Neat Blog award. I’ve been enjoying building a reader base, seeing my regulars and the challenge of writing nearly every day. Hopefully, it only gets neater from here!


I suppose if I’m going to be tooting my horn I might as well toot loud and proud, eh? I’m quite the tooter. DW can testify to that… wait… that’s a different kind of toot.

Anyway, thank you to E (That Anxious Mom) over at Strong Enough to Break for the nomination. I’m not sure what qualifies as versatile, as my blog is mostly about two kids who love to crash and bang. But I suppose if a few teacher rants, some posts about running, and a few short story challenges makes one versatile, then that’s what I am.

There are a few “rules” for this one:

1.Show the award on your Blog

2.Tell something about yourself stating a) your country of origin b) Likes & Dislikes   c)School where you studied

3. Thank and acknowledge the person who nominated you.

4. Share some facts of life leading to your blogging or what made you blog?

5. In your opinion, is blogging worth your time spent? Explain or expand your answer.

6. Nominate fellow deserving bloggers

7. Link your nominees and let them know.

I am a mid-Atlantic American transplanted to Maritime Canada. I like lasagne, the great outdoors and the Orioles. I dislike when my Orioles lose, people who won’t let me merge on the highway and black fly/mosquito bites.  I attended a small university in Western Maryland, FSU (not to be confused with my Florida Gator’s rival, Florida State University)

I now nominate

Mom Meets Blog
Silver Lining Mama
Terri Webster Schrandt

Take your pick of both of awards. You deserve both!


7 thoughts on “Real Neat Blog and a Versatile Award!

  1. Yikes..I didn’t get any pingbacks. Only just read through and I was just wondering if there was another “Ann” blogger and that lead me to my own site! LOL. A chain mail as it is, it’s great to get a pat on the back. Congratulations and thank you for the nomination, Eric! 🙂

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