Kick in the pants

run viewHere is a view from our run yesterday.

Bang has been asking and asking to go for a run. He loves to go in the stroller and get pushed while I run. We see log haulers, cement trucks, excavators, train tracks, trains, and windmills (which he used to call big fans). He loves it.

I haven’t been running for 6 weeks. Hence, I’ve fallen way behind (major understatement) in my 1,000 mile challenge. He was asking and asking and this morning’s weather was good, except for the wind, so we went. He was hoping I’d go 8 miles because at the 1/2 way point to turn to go home is a gate which, of course he’s named “the gate” that he likes to pee on. We’re four miles from civilization and since the world is a boy’s urinal, why stop him.

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the gate. The head wind we were fighting was just too much. He was disappointed at first, but accepted it after I told we’d try to make it to the gate next time. As you can see in the photo, we have a view of the water for almost the entire trip. Most of the time there is at least one cargo ship docked here. Last summer Crash was able to ride his bike to the gate with me. I was impressed.

We had been riding farther distances each time we went. We started just riding around town and would total about 3 miles. Then we rode out of town for a 4 mile ride. Then one day he wanted to go over the next hill so we ended up going 6 miles. After that I asked him he wanted to ride to the gate. We made it. Though we ended up fighting the wind and some rain on the way back. Bang is getting pretty adept on his bike and I don’t foresee his training wheels lasting the summer.

Bang provided me with the kick in the pants I needed to get running again. Now that it’s light outside until 9:00, I should be getting out after they’re in bed when I typically go. But I’ve gotten used to sitting and relaxing during this quiet period in our house. So we’ll see who wins this evening… shoes or pajamas?


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