The 100th

In school, particularly the younger grades, counting the days of school is a big deal. Especially when they get to the 100th day. There are celebrations. There are books written about it. It’s kind of a big deal.

So, you can imagine my excitement the other day when I received a WordPress notification that I just got my 100th follower.

Thanks OM (an opinionated man, who, unfortunately, has gracefully bowed out of the blogging world) for giving me a boost when he reblogged “Where’s the line“. Apparently, he was known for helping everyone and I’m proud to be one of his last acts of kindness. Because of his boost, I not only reached my 100th follower but I received as many followers in that one day than I did for the entire month of April.

Coming in at 98 was Mom Meets Blog
The 99th follower was Did You Dress Up For This
And the lucky 100th was A Momma’s View!

Mom, you are my 101st follower, but my FIRST e-mail follower! 😀

Thank you to all those who have followed. I am honored to know you were interested enough to click that follow button. So long as Crash and Bang keep crashing and banging I have endless source of frustration inspiration.There is definitely more to come.

These kind bloggers were close 100th. Check them out, too!

Tania2atee – Fun and crazy thoughts and things that make me laugh, cry and wonder why
desirablelove – A healthy body, mind & soul is what makes a healthy loving relationship
bumbismom – Once upon a time two moms adopted a beautiful baby
The Chosen One– The self proclaimed funniest blog on the internet
An Unscheduled Journey – Bailey’s Breast Cancer

Happy Reading!


3 thoughts on “The 100th

    • I know! I had just gotten in on his blogs, too! I didn’t even have time read them. From what I’ve heard he was receiving some pretty nasty messages and some “trolls” were threatening he and his family. I guess he dealt with them for a bit but it was getting out of hand so he closed up shop. Unfortunate. Feels like the “trolls” win.


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