I saw a video on YouTube. The premise was that a couple had to defuse a virtual reality bomb. One partner wore the virtual reality goggles while the other partner read the 20 page instruction manual on how to properly defuse the bomb that had five minute detonation timer. To make things interesting, the manual appeared to have instructions for a few different kinds of bomb.

I had to laugh when a friend commented that the only bomb DW and I would defuse is the F-bomb.

I would love for my DW and I to have the opportunity to try this. Both with her reading the manual and telling me what to do and me reading the manual telling her what to do. Chances are favorable that our odds are best when she tell me what to do.

I know our method of communication when working together to build something. Over the past 10 years of marriage it has significantly improved. We can successfully assemble a dresser without throwing tools at each other. We can successfully get lost in a big city and navigate our way back to where we need to be. But could we defuse a bomb?


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