Exciting events to come

A huge thank you to Jay over at I read encyclopedias for this exciting opportunity. Every Friday he hosts “Authors Answers” in which he poses questions to authors. These questions range from the writing process to inspiration to random questions about being an author. While I do not have anything published under my own name, I have written a fair amount. Jay put the word out that he was looking for an author to replace one who was retiring from his group. I put in my bid, mostly out of curiosity, but also because I have been reading his Authors Answers since I joined WordPress and thought it would be exciting to be a contributor. Lo and behold, he chose me and two others to share our voice. Thanks Jay.

Also, thanks to Tracey over at No Page Left Blank for informing me of Jay and his blog. Go buy her book, Nowhere To Hide. You’ll want to go hide just so you can finish it uninterrupted!

Lastly, I have been asked to be a guest blogger over at A Momma’s View. I’ve got something in the works for her blog. Be on the look out, you never know where I might show up next!

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