Decisions Decisions

We may possibly be in the market for a new vehicle. We’re not entirely positive yet, but positive enough to be curious to know what’s out there these days. DW wants something SUV-ish to hold all our stuff when traveling to the beach or on road trips. Crash and Bang want a built in DVD player. I want something great on gas. Will it be possible to make us both happy without busting the bank?

We are former owners of a Mitsubishi Outlander. We loved it, though it wasn’t great in fuel efficiency – 24 miles per gallon, a bit more on the highway. It was a hatchback and roomy and excellent for carrying all our gear.

If we were visiting your dealership, what would you recommend?

8 thoughts on “Decisions Decisions

  1. How about the Prius V. We have a Prius, which is roomier than you’d think and gets 50 mpg. The V has a bit more cargo room (and after having BG we were considering a trade since it would definitely hold all our stuff for vacations). I think it only gets 44 mpg.

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  2. So we just bought the Leaf… no gas at all… and actually pretty roomy for the 4 of us. We also have a box to go on top of the car for the 12-15 times per hear when we take those longer trips. It doesn’t have the built in DVD players… I have a strong feeling that our families align on that not being a huge priority when buying a car. What we did do a few years ago was get a strap that goes around the drivers or passenger head rest and holds that iPad in place for viewing. The other thing we do is check out audio books from the library. Some of them com with a Video complement now too and we just bought David a little set of headphones to use in the car. But… main point is that the electric car is zero gas!!! It does 85 miles on a full charge. It works for us, hasn’t been a huge change so far….

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    • Thanks Dori! No gas would be sweet! How long does it take to charge? I’m curious how that works on long trips. You’re right about the DVD player. Not too concerned. It certainly won’t be a deal breaker.


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