The Flight of Time

This time last week three entities were traveling toward each other from completely different parts of the world. I, from Canada. My brother from South Korea. My parents in Maryland. Today, we all head back to life as we know it. I’ll be back to writing about the joys and headaches Crash and Bang provide. I’ll be back to work. My day started at 7 am at the Gainesville airport. My brother started at the same airport at 4 am. I’ll make it back home by 2 am. My brother will be home around 6 am our time (6pm his time). My parents have been driving up the coast back to Maryland and will arrive while I’m in the air. Time is relative.

Crash and Bang have gone to bed. They had sleepovers in each other’s beds the past couple nights. They really do love each other. It’s hard to tell sometimes. Tonight is a school night so they are back in their own bed. At 2 am I will be in my own bed, too. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s wake up call!

In 15 minutes I board my plane to Halifax. Good night my dear readers.

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