This is your lucky day readers. This is three posts for the price of one. Jackpot! You’re welcome.

When you talk about home where are you talking about? Is it where you currently live? Is it where you grew up before flying the coop? I’ve written about coming home the past couple days. But if I’m coming home, where was I before I got here? DW, Crash, and Bang are home, but so am I and we’re not in the same place. So what exactly is home?

Some think it’s where you hang your hat. Home is where you live. Home is where you keep your stuff. Home is where you park your car at night. You get the idea. Home is where you are when you don’t go anywhere.

Some think home is where you hang your heart. A home is something special made so by those who live with you. Home is where your loved ones are. Home is where you feel safe and warm. Home has emotional connotations.

Before I left home, I would tell people I’m flying home for week. At the end of my week, I’ll be telling people I’m flying back home. I’m one of the lucky ones with two homes, for I live by the second definition. My heart is here with my family and it’s also back home with DW, Crash, and Bang and my Nova Scotia family. I’m loving being home with my parents and brother, but a I miss my wife and kids back home, too. So when I write about home I need to clarify which one I’m talking about because it could be either.

6 thoughts on “Home?

  1. It’s also a tough question for me! I feel like I’ve got 3 homes, although the country where I’m currently living is not home. It really is where the family is..but I haven’t quite find the answer of “home”.And it’s really nice that u hv 2 homes! 😊


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