Leg Tired

I’ll count that as a successful trip. Didn’t lose my bags. Didn’t lose my passport. Didn’t lose my wallet. Didn’t lose or break DW’s tablet. I’m on my way to my parent’s house – home. My dad met us at the airport and was all smiles. Ma will be, too as soon as we get there. Then I’m going to jump on the webcam so I can see Crash and Bang before they go to bed. Then I’m going to eat my fill of crab cakes and corn on the cob.


It’s nice seeing all the farm land. You can see for miles! The weather is awesome, though I’m still dressed for Canada. It was 5 degrees Celsius when I left. Now it’s 28 and I’m still in jeans, long sleeve shirt and my running jacket. Time for a wardrobe change!

Gas here is $1.59 a gallon. It’s  $1.19 a liter in Canada! (Roughly $4.80 a gallon)

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