Leg 4


Here we are, leg 4. My brother flew here from South Korea and we’ll be on the same flight to our parents. It’s great seeing him after 5 years! We had two and a half hours to kill before our last leg. Wish we had a soccer ball to kick around the airport a la the Brazilian soccer team. He surprised me with an early birthday present… tickets to tomorrow’s Orioles game! Row 15 3rd base side. I can’t wait!

No massive amounts of leg room on this flight. Packed in like sardines, 3 across on thismside and 2 on the other. My feet hurt from having had shoes on for the last 28 hours. And the walk at that last airport was incredible. The airport has a train, like actual subway train, to get you from gate to gate. There were terminals A-F and each terminal had 18 gates. I could have run a marathon at this airport and not passed the same gate twice! Last flight of the day. Leg 5 will be an hour and a half drive to my parents house. Can’t wait. Mum is making crab cakes and corn on the cob! My mouth is watering like Pavlov’s dogs at the sound of a bell.

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