Sunday Night Picks

Hi ya blogging world! Hope everyone had a spectacular Mother’s Day. We did! Crash and Bang were pretty close to behaving angelic during church. This earned them a trip to Tim Horton’s for a treat. We visited all our moms (we have 3) either in person or via Skype. We ordered pizza for supper so no one had to cook. Then the kids gave their mom their present – a new rose bush and a homemade card. (I gave her a bottle of wine – Yellowtail Moscato, to be exact).

Anyway, I’ve been doing some reading lately and I though I’d just take a minute to share some of the posts that interested me. Ones that I started reading and simply had to finish before moving on to the next. I would like to share them with you in hopes that you will enjoy them as well. Happy reading!

Silver Linings Mama wrote about what Mother’s Day means to her in. Check out Mother’s Day, Interrupted

A Momma’s View wrote an intelligent post about not being so judgmental – Imagine Cinderella Then Judge Again

How would you react if you were on a plane with your toddler and he shouted quite clearly, “Momma, the plane’s going doooooowwwn!” Read about it on GrubbsnCritters

When you’re a parent you have to field millions lots of questions every day. Coach Daddy writes about how he answers some of those inquiries.

Check out Blogging for Therapy. She has posts covering mental health and her son’s what?

And if you thought potty training a toddler was difficult. Properly Ridiculous has you answer to make easier than putting the toilet seat down.

17 thoughts on “Sunday Night Picks

    • LOL We can’t help it that “you-know-what” is hilarious! Just like farts and poop make them laugh hysterically, πŸ˜€ Bang is fascinated with his. One day in the bathroom he was peeing while I was brushing my teeth “Look dad. My pee pee is long”.

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      • Haha! At least I won’t have so much of this with the little one. I hope. If she pops off, “YOU DIDN’T DRY MY VAG” or something, I’ll really die.

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      • Can’t help but laugh when I read both of you and Anxious Mom’s comments. Squirt used to announce “Look! I have got big wee-wee!” all the time when we shower him or in pubic restrooms; he was fascinated with his penis and how sometimes it would go “big”. I have to write about that one! :p

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      • Thanks – I just thought it was funny! LM and his privates get the stats up πŸ˜‰


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