Is it Zee or Zed?

ZHere in Canada, it’s zed. However, being the American I am, I’ve taught the kids to say zee.

It’s the final letter in the challenge. I made it through the April challenge without missing a single letter. Granted, I did miss two days which I made up for the following day. But I did it. The last month has been dedicated to Crash and Bang and life with these two creatures. In a sense, and it’s said nearly as often as “OMG“. This place is a zoo!  That’s right, today I’m writing about the zoo our house is at times. I know this makes DW and I the zoo keepers. But, just as we feed the animals, we also play with them. 

Sometimes we get a little rambunctious. Tickle fights. Wrestling. Monkeybacks (what we give instead of piggybacks). Jumping on beds. Splashing in the tub. Chase – sometimes the animals are dressed, sometimes not (the keepers are always dressed). We have Nerf gun fights. We climb trees and scare pigeons. I imagine if the ceiling fans could hold their weight, they’d be entertained for eternity.

It's more like a zoo when there's a bird in the house (or on your head)

It’s more like a zoo when there’s a bird in the house (or on your head)

Z is for also for Zany which you don’t have be in order to have kids, but it sure helps.

Lastly, Z is also for zipper. Not the kind that go zip zip zip to open and close yourIMG_6213 jacket or jeans. I’ve written about it before in “With An Open Heart“. This is the zipper Crash received when he was just 5 days old when he had open heart surgery. We are so thankful for that zipper. It gave our Crash the life he has today.

11 thoughts on “Is it Zee or Zed?

  1. Wow this post brought back memories from my own childhood with my sisters and times with my niece and nephew. It’s a rush to experience fun with people who love and appreciate. And even more to live our blessed lives to the fullest in every way we can. Thanks for sharing and opening all of our hearts that much more.

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