Y is for…


Only one letter to go! We’re at the end of April, already? Geez. Doesn’t feel that long ago I signed up for this challenge and now it’s about over. Like the saying goes, time’s fun when you’re having flies.

Y. What’s it’s for? Today it’s for yard. We live in town, yet we have a nice big backyard to play in. And play in it we do! Year round (ooh, another Y word!)

We are finally finished with winter (mostly… it snowed Monday and Tuesday). All winter we could be found out in the yard sledding, snow boarding, building snowmen and giant igloos that fall down two hours after it’s built. There were snowball fights, of course. There were mazes dug throughout the yard to play “maze tag”. There was a path dug to the bus stop. There was even some ice skating this year as the entire yard froze over.

Now it’s spring time. Though there is still a bit of snow on the ground, most the yard is mud and grass. Now we can dig out the baseball bats and ball and play some baseball. Out comes the soccer ball, too. And Frizbees. And now that the swings aren’t buried in snow, we can swing again. (I can resume tire flipping for exercise, too.) Once the weather warms up enough to be outside barefoot (middle to the end of May, usually) the trampoline will come out of the shed and we’ll go wide open all summer. Once it get hot (usually around the 1st of July) the kiddie pool gets set and filled.

It’s a big space. Big enough for our neighbors on both sides to allow their pups to run and chase and fetch. The kids love watching them rip and tear. The pups love it, too, of course.

Then come the bonfires. We have open invites for the neighborhood. If there’s a bonfire (there are three fire pits spread throughout the backyard belonging to various people) then you’re automatically invited. Great time to relax, enjoy a glass of wine, a margarita, roasted marshmallows , s’mores, banana boats, spider hotdogs, and the warmth of an open fire and good friends.

What’s your yard like? Does it get used frequently? Or is for decoration?

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