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Family photo. Well, technically, it’s a family of stuffies, not people. Like Linus’s blanket, our stuffies are more than just inanimate animals. It’s a regular zoo… Where else will a rabbit, a panda bear, a monkey and penguin be BFFs? I’ve written it before and I’ll write it again; should anything happen to our house, after making sure everyone is safe I’ll be saving these four stuffies (and the external hard drive). 

Timmy was given to me and traveled with me no matter how old I was. He would travel on the plane (I think) to visit my grandparents between the ages of five and nine. He would travel with me to friends’ houses for sleepovers. He traveled with me when I went to the state championship tournament with my high school wrestling team. He survived reconstructive surgery when one of our dogs made him a chew toy. He spent as many years in university as I did. Even graduate school. He traveled to Nova Scotia with me to meet my now DW. Sometimes, we’d trade until we’d meet again.

Scruffy had a slightly different beginning. DW saw a panda bear stuffy in a store (Woolco, at the time) but wasn’t allowed to get it. After returning home without the panda she really wanted, she left on her own to go get him. She was three years old. Needless to say, she didn’t make it. But once it was discovered why she left and where she was going, they went back to buy it and she’s had her Scruffy Bear since.

Now, they are content to sit and snuggle one another along with Crash and Bang’s other stuffies in the hammock in Crash’s bedroom. Timmy Bunny and Scruffy Bear are now roughly 35 years old. They are very well traveled having been nearly everywhere we have. In their old age, they don’t leave the house any more. I think they’re okay with that. They have grown old gracefully. Even if their fur is shabby. Even if we did love them so hard their whiskers fell off and they lost their shape. Magic has made them real and when you’re real shabbiness doesn’t matter.

The youngest two, a monkey named Monkey and a penguin named Penguin, are well on their way to becoming “Real”. Monkey was given to Crash when he was an infant. Penguin was Crash’s present to Bang “for being born”. Like Timmy and Scruffy did, Monkey and Penguin travel everywhere with Crash and Bang whenever a sleepover will be involved.

The Fab Four are more than “just stuffies”. They’ve become Velveteen Rabbits, Linus’s blanket, Dumbo’s feather, their security, peace of mind, and piece of home. There’s more sentiment packed into these guys than would fit on a fleet of Emma Mærsks. They are irreplaceable pieces of our childhood. They are Real.

A family portrait 36 years in the making

A family portrait 36 years in the making


13 thoughts on “S is for…

  1. The Child also called her stuffed animals by the ‘animal name’ When we went on a trip, they got to ‘take turns’. ‘Bunny went last time, Mommy. It’s Bear’s turn’. And, on the rare occasions when I was sick (Moms, as you know, are not allowed to get sick), she would give me a stuffed animal to cuddle because ‘holding Lion will make you feel better’. And it did. Thank you for sparking that memory!

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    • Monkey and Penguin always get to go. However, occasionally a second stuffy gets to come along and they take turns. Our youngest does the same thing when mom gets sick. He’ll get a few stuffies and his blanket for her. It must work because she falls asleep 🙂 You’re welcome for the memories!


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  3. What a wonderful post! It left me with a big smile on my face, recalling fond memories of my own favorite “stuffy” from childhood, a teddy bear called Teddy. He happened to have a music box inside him and a little key on his back wound him up. He sang me to sleep with “It’s a Small World” every night, and I still go home to visit him and Blankie. They were too old to leave my parents’ house with me when I left for college and then moved away, but they continue keep my room warm and ready for me.

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    • There’s something about that one special stuffie or blankie (or both) that brings us right back to our childhood. My bunny (Timmy) went to university with me. Later, when my wife and I were still dating we’d trade stuffies until the next time we’d see each other, which would be months since we lived 1300 miles apart. Glad this one made you happy. It made me equally happy writing it.

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