Q is for

QQualified. This post is not about Crash and Bang. They are qualified for a lot of things, particularly crashing and banging. They haven’t yet qualified for Boston. Maybe, hopefully, they will some day.

The status of a good friend states it perfectly.

 It’s Patriot’s Day. Time for 30,000+ people to make the fabled 26 mile, 385 yard trek from Hopkinton to Boston. Wishing all the best to my many friends who are there to take the journey today, whether it be their first or their 20th… it is bound to be a memorable day filled with excitement, nervousness, energy, high fives, spilled Gatorade, exhaustion, smiles, and triumph.
When you take that right onto Hereford, then that left onto Boylston, raise your hands, wave to the crowds and let their energy carry you home.
Have fun out there kids!! We’ll all be awatchin’ ya! 🙂

Today is the 119th running of the marathon. This is the second year of the running since the fateful April of 2013. For those who finished and those who were stopped early, it’s not just a race any more. Tens of thousands qualify and run it every year. Even more come to volunteer, support and cheer on loved ones and strangers alike. It’s like the big city thinks it’s a small town.

With a spirit like Boston’s, I’d say they qualify. Not many cities have a spirit like that. There are the usual aid stations with water, gatorade, gels, etc… Then there are the unusual stations. Citizens who live along the course drag hoses to the curb to shower off any one who needs cooling off. Then there are all the first responders and security personelle ready for whatever may come. Whether it’s a runner in need or something much greater. There’s also all the porta potties that need to be attended to. Then all the cleaning up afterwards. It may be conducted by one man, Dave McGillivray, but it takes thousands to pull it off without a hitch. Boston Strong? Boston Qualified.

In the first running in 1897 there were 18 participants. Last year there were 35,755. An ever growing number of entrants. Some put it on their bucket list for the experience and the memories. Must be one hell of an experience and cargo ship worth of memories to only need to do it once. Some make it a tradition. They run it once, perhaps as a bucket list run, the experience gets in their blood and they need to go back every year. It becomes more than just 26.2 miles. It’s more than 35,755. It’s about one. If you haven’t qualified, you’re like me and probably don’t fully understand it.

Now, two years after the bombings a jury has found the bomber guilty of all thirty charges, 17 of which carry the death penalty. However, the Richard’s family has written a letter stating they would rather he live the rest of his life in prison and ending this ordeal instead of dragging out his trial any longer. I don’t blame them. It’s exactly what I would want if I were in the their shoes.

Tom Grilk has presented a Ted talk “In Boston, everyone owns the marathon“. It’s perfect. It gives those who haven’t (yet) qualified get an understanding of what the spirit of the Boston Marathon really is. Last year, the city of Boston had daffodils put out in various spots, as a symbol of renewal for those of who returned to their city after the bombings the previous year. These flowers are back again this year… spring truly is hope eternal.

Flowers for Boston

Flowers for Boston

Lastly, to honor the creativity, the humor and the support… here are some funny signs people created help the tired masses reach Boylston St.

*Note: While I haven’t qualified for Boston yet, I will. Many times.*


2 thoughts on “Q is for

  1. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the 2013 marathon. I also don’t think I’ve ever lived in a city that could bounce back the way Boston did. Boston strong for sure. But I’ll give you qualified too 😉

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    • Our son happened to be watching the marathon with us that year. It wasn’t long after the Newtown school shooting. In honor of that, they used an air horn instead of a gun to start the race. Then the bombs went off. (He never knew about Newtown and still doesn’t). Maybe “I” should have been for innocence.


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