O is for…


This one is as versatile as the “F” word. Your kid dumped the bag of flour on the carpet? Oh. MY. GOD. Your kid put a rock through your car window? Oh. My. God. Your kid tracked muddy boots across your freshly mopped floors? Oh. My. God. Your fussy eater won’t eat again? Oh. My. God.

This phrase easily has negative connotations. Used in frustration, it relieves stress and expresses great disappointment.  Those who are within earshot of the utterer know immediately that someone’s not happy and their best option is running away.

However,  OMG can also express disbelief. David Copperfield just pulled a very large elephant out of a very small hat? Oh my God. Your toddler just put 3 double rolls of 2 ply in the toilet? Oh my God. Your kid just ate the whole box of cookies when you thought they were in their room for a time out? Oh my God. When someone hears it said in this fashion,  laughter usually follows suit.

It can express amazement and excitement, as well. Your baseball team just hit a homer to win the game? OMG! Your kid cleaned up his toys without being asked? OMG! Your toddler learned to escape from their crib? OMG! This form will bring nosey people running to you to find out what’s so amazing.

‘Round here we aim for oh my goodness. We sometimes miss the mark. But, I suppose, it could be far eff’n worse.

*Note: O is also for Orioles, the baseball team. #IbackTheOrioles They play the Red Sox, tonight. I’m allowing Crash to stay up a bit later than usual to watch some it. He likes to watch, but he likes to stay up late even more. Tomorrow is an afternoon game so Bang can watch with us. Though, he’ll want Disney Jr. instead.

8 thoughts on “O is for…

  1. OMG, is your cover photo a Q? Also, as a Sox fan, I fear we can no longer be blogging buddies. Or at least not when they play each other… although I’ll give it to you that your pitcher probably shouldn’t have been ejected. But go Sox! 🙂

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    • OMG! is right. Thanks for pointing that out. Guess I need to work on my alphabet skills. Sorry you’re a Sox fan, hope I don’t lose a follower over this indifference 🙂 As for last night, he was throwing a no hitter when he threw that bean ball. The ump didn’t even give him a warning.


      • I know! To throw him out seemed a little aggressive, even to a Sox fan. But onwards, to “P” which we’ve already established will not be “panties.” That feels awful to write, BTW.

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      • I know, right? I typed it once. That was bad enough. Now I’ll just talk about “it” without actually typing it. It’s like it’s just a word dirty, old men use. I’ll be curious to see if anything comes of throwing him out. The announcers mentioned something about 3 hit batter in a Toronto game a couple days ago and were thinking that the ump threw him out to prevent a repeat of that. The other theory was that the ump thought it was intentional because Sandoval had broken up a double play attempt earlier. Oh well. What’s done is done. Good luck (or not) today! 🙂


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