Noisey, Nosey, Naughty All Begin With N


I asked Crash, “What is N for that is about you and your brother?” This is what he came up with: N is for noisy. N is for nosey. N is for naughty .

All of these apply to both of them. He’s good.

I’ve written many times about the noise they like to make. They know the difference between inside and outside voices. Do they always abide by it? Of course not. Just this morning while Crash was getting ready for school, DW and I swore they were about to come crashing through the ceiling. If I didn’t know the difference, I would have thought there was a rhino stampede of the likes only known by Jumanji.

Nosey? Curious? Ugh. Any sound made by the computer and we’ll suddenly feel ourselves being pushed aside so two nosey kids can see what made that sound. “Whatcha reading, dad? Can I read it, too?” “It’s just my Runner’s World magazine. Go right ahead.” A rock dropped in a mud puddle disappears. They then need to fish around in said mud puddle to find that rock. Might as well splash!

Naughty was Crash’s idea. I wouldn’t call them naughty as much as I would call them mischievous. Splashing/dumping water while taking a bath so that it soaks the floor and requires two large bath towels to clean up. And it’s a small bathroom! Try to sneak some extra screen time thinking mom and dad won’t notice? Busted. No screen time for a couple days, now. Jump on Crash’s bed? Oops, which ever little monkey fell off is now in tears. No, daddy’s not calling the doctor. You’re okay. Are Little People flushable? No, they are not. One day Crash and Bang may appear on the website shit my kids ruined. Hopefully, I’ll never appear on shit my husband ruined. But, it’s always a possibility. Hell, I could still appear on that first one, eh ma? So, I guess I can’t completely blame my kids… like I do stinky farts.

*this post was a day late. I found myself busy enough to not get it written. Tomorrow you’ll be reading about the letter P to find out why it didn’t get written. But I’m sure you can guess. However, today you get the special privilege of reading two posts! Next up? O!


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