K is for…


Kinetic energy.

n. Energy that a boy possesses by virtue of being in motion. (changed slightly from the actual definition)

I’ve written about it before and I’m going to write about it again because it’s that true. My kids contain boundless amounts of kinetic energy. Be warned, there’s a fair chance I’ll write about it again on Saturday.

I swear they never stop moving unless they’re staring at a screen. They wouldn’t stop moving for hours if we let them. They love to be in motion. Running around the house, running up and down the stairs, throwing, hitting, and climbing, they are go go go.

Usually, they love to be outside, but we are still buried in snow (one drift is till as high as the picnic table). Both boys are sick of it and ready for spring and barefoot weather. Bang wants a giant vacuum to suck up all the snow to make it spring. Once the snow is gone and warmer weather is here, it will be tough to get them back inside. We will be running, swimming, kayaking, skipping rocks on the lake, playing soccer, baseball, Frisbee golf, Geocaching, bike riding and jumping on the trampoline.

They wake up at 6 or 6:30 ravenous and ready for breakfast. That gives them enough energy to go until snack time and lunch time and snack time and supper time and bedtime snack. I’m scared to think of how much they will eat when they get older! Perhaps if I stop feeding them they will stop moving. Nah. I would rather have them eating and moving.

I run so I have enough energy to keep up with them. If there were a way to bottle their energy, especially that boost of energy they get at bedtime, someone would be filthy rich. I don’t know about your kids, but mine slip into hyper mode when they get tired. Therefore, if bedtime isn’t timed properly, getting them to sleep could potentially take hours.

Last Thursday and Friday nights we stayed in a hotel and both night the boys didn’t fall asleep until 10 pm. Both mornings they were awake by 6:30 or 7. I would have thought they would have been tired and sluggish. Nope, they were still go go go, albeit, a bit crankier than usual. Bang napped for about a half hour on the way home. Crash refused. If I wasn’t driving, I would have slept the entire way.

How kinetic are your kids and what do you do to keep up with them?

17 thoughts on “K is for…

  1. LM is often bouncing off the walls too. NyQuil works wonders. 😜 I don’t keep up. In fact, he has the amazing ability to leech energy from me. I think this is why he has so much.

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    • I really wish we could siphon it off. We make our oldest stay in bed and read until 6 or 6:30 regardless of what time wakes up. He’s always woken up bright eyed and bushy tailed.


  2. Vacuum some of those snow and blow them over to Bangkok! We are at close to 40 degree Celsius here It’s not funny.

    My kids are the same. The more tired they are, the hyper they get and more difficult to wind down. They are early risers and how late they slept does not have any impact on what time they open up their eyes in the morning. 6.30 a.m. Tops! :/

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