J is for…

JJourney. If you’ve read my post the last couple days, you know we’ve been on a journey of sorts. It wasn’t one of a thousand miles. Not even a thousand kilometers. Just 393 from start to finish and covered the span of three days.

I was thinking of our journey on the two hour drive home and was originally planning to summarize our journey to the hotel, two night stay and journey home. Then I realized, this wasn’t just one journey.

This was three.

Everyday is a journey. From the moment we wake to moment we lay our heads to rest at night, we have completed a journey. We don’t know what each day will bring, but we know we do what needs to be done and move on. For me, this weekend, each day I was faced with entertaining two restless boys in a hotel while mom was at her conference. I did it. Mostly. We survived. My patience wasn’t just tested. It was tempered with lost the lost temper of a three year old, attitude of a seven year old then plunged into a cold bath with a deep breath and some redirecting.

Every day is a journey. It has a beginning and an end. What happens in the middle is entirely up to us. Well, mostly. Some things are just out of our control. Like the weather. But how we react to that which is both in and out of our control can make all the difference. There will be days when our patience runs thin. Our stress may skyrocket. But if we realize that anger is often not the solution, that anger will likely not solve the problem, then patience will reign.

If we treat every day as a journey, we can make mole hills out of mountains. No matter what goal we have set for ourselves, the odds of completing the goal increases significantly if we break it into bite size portions. Don’t fret over how much you have left to go, rejoice in how much you have accomplished so far, whether it’s the first day or the hundredth. Then take your journey one day at a time. Overcome each obstacle and then move on to the next one. Enjoy your journey!

We just completed our final obstacle for the day, Crash and Bang’s bedtime. Finally, back in their own beds, in their own rooms to sleep all night. Now it’s time to catch up on the shows we missed while we were on our journey.

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