I is for…


Insufficient ideas. Don’t delete this. I’ll write more this evening. I’m sure the kids (or DW) will provide me with something.

Impressed We spent more time swimming. What impressed me? Crash is getting better at swimming to the bottom. Granted, the pool was only 3.5 feet deep. But prior to today he couldn’t get his bubble butt under. Today he was laying on the bottom. He’s getting stronger at swimming on to the surface, but he either gets tired or lazy and resorts to putting on his life jacket. Bang swam on his back, let me dunk him, and let me throw him (don’t worry, I was gentle, I promise). None of which ever happened before today.

After DW’s conference ended we went and explored the mall. The first store we came to was a sports store where DW found cool (though not “flashy”) running shoes. Crash got a ool new hair cut and a new-to-him DS game. Bang got a new tractor trailer. I got a new Nalgene water bottle. At supper we were considering coming back to the hotel for a swim before bed when DW overheard someone mention bowling. Thanks to Google map and GPS we found the alley with no problem and a friend met us there. This what made the trip. It was cosmic bowling and Crash and Bang were beside themselves with excitement. Who needs Disney World when there’s cosmic bowling?


Tomorrow, we check out and make our way home. It’s been a fun trip and 3 boys have a few new memories. Thanks for bringing us along, DW! ❤


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