H is for…

Bear with me. I’m writing this from my tablet. Hope you don’t mind reading slowly because I’m typing slowly!


[Updated] Hotel. Seems appropriate.  That’s where we are at th3 moment. Just got here, the kids ate their sandwiches and are watching Sesame Street while I write his quick post for all my favorite readers (if you’re reading this, that means you’re my favorite!). Anyway, DW has a conference here so we decided to make a weekend of it.

We have realized our kids don’t get out much. The excitement has been incredible.  We are only 2 hours from home, but they think it’s a grand adventure. Everything is new. Crash has done this many times. This is Bang’s first “big” trip. So now all four of us will be sleeping in the same room for the next two nights. 

Bang was excited just to be on the highway. Construction machines. Tractor trailers.  Windmills. Overpasses (tunnels to a 3 year old). The sights were endless!  Crash was happy to get some extra screen time and read his new book.

Now we’re here in our hotel room, DW is at her conference and Bang is jumping back forth across the beds. Here’s to fun weekend! Hope they don’t wreck the room because H is also for HYPER!!

Took them to the pool for a couple hours. They had a blast. Bang learned (or rather, found the confidence) to swim on his back and float. Crash is perfecting swimming on the bottom. Half way through, Bang hollers to me, “I need to pee!” I whisper in his ear, “it’s okay to pee in the pool” (a. I’m not too proud and b. It would have been a long, cold walk back to our room.) So what does he do? Pulls his shorts down and aims for the pool. My fault, I should have specified. We get his shorts pulled up and he ges back in the water. 5 seconds later he yells loudly “I peed!” Meanwhile, I turn 50 shades of red and wish I had just taken him back to our room.


15 thoughts on “H is for…

  1. What fun! I was the oldest of five children, and, needless to say we did not travel much (except in a camper! A Nimrod — remember those?) Anyway. If we stayed at a motel, it was a big big deal. One time the motel even had a POOL. I still remember how exciting that was. Have a wonderful time with Crash and Bang! And thank you for sharing your excitement and your family with us (!)


    • We are Having fun! Just got back from “exploring” and found a dryer to dry all towels and bathing suits and walked 4 floors taking the stairs 🙂 Thanks reading and you might want to check back…. I added a story.


  2. Would you believe the same pool incident happened to my “Crash” last year with Justin as the supervisor. Except… bathroom needs were miscommunicated and necessitated a very smelly and quick walk back to our room…


  3. Lol! Pee in the pool! Hand it to the kids for being so honest and luckily, he didn’t announce “dad made me do it!” 😂 4 person in a room, sounds fun. For the kids, everything is an adventure and from the sound of it, you did too!:)


    • Luckily we were the only ones in the pool! It was interesting “living” in a 1 room apt. for 2 nights. The kids thought it was grand staying up until 10. There were a couple meltdowns, but we survived and all in all had a blast!

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