Today’s Letter of the Day is…

DDancing. As I mentioned yesterday in the “B” section, if the music can’t be heard from the other side of the mountain it’s not loud enough for the dance party. Right now, I think Crash’s favorite song is “Let’s Get Ridiculous” by Redfoo. Bang’s current favorite song is “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift. As soon as he hears this song he drops everything and bolts to the living room to shake it off and dance it out. I don’t have a video of Crash’s style of dance, yet, but I’ll be sure to get one. Below you can see Bang just uh given’er. The funniest part is that NO ONE is allowed in there while he’s dancing to this song. It’s as if this is his song and his alone. If Crash is already in the room when the song starts then he’s allowed to stay and dance. Mom and Dad? No way.

Speaking of songs, Bang is learning to change the lyrics to fit his needs. In “All About That Bass” Meghan sings All about that bass, ’bout that bass, no treble. Bang will change those words to suit his needs. My favorite was a time were trying to drive up our extremely icy driveway. I barely make it to the top and Bangs busts out with All about that Dad, ’bout that dad, you made it. DW thought I taught him that. I would have thought that, too. But nope. That was all him. He changes it for other situations, as well.

Happy Saturday. Hope you have a happy Easter tomorrow and I’ll be back Monday with the letter E. Oh, and dance like no one’s watching!


12 thoughts on “Today’s Letter of the Day is…

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  2. When The Child was an actual child, we too loved to dance. In fact, if we were in the supermarket and a ‘good song’ came on over the sound system (‘Give Me One Reason’ by Tracy Chapman was a particular fave) we would both start to dance, right there in the aisle — we’d dance our little hearts out as if no one was watching at all.

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    • HA! That awesome! Sometimes Crash will start dancing while we’re out somewhere. But once he remembers he’s being watched he stops immediately. Bang only dances when no one’s watching or it’s just he and his older brother.

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