A Month in Review

I was really surprised how March played out stats wise. As usual, everything went up up up. March was my third month of blogging. I had 22 posts which is actually down 3 from February. My most popular post by far, and it’s still getting views is The Value of a Teacher with 472 views which is 5 times more than the second most popular post. March brought 1,035 views and 649 visitors. That’s up 274 views and 321 visitors. The busiest day was March 5th with 279. There were 146 likes which is up 25. There were 136 comments which is up only 2 from February. AnnGrubbsnCritters was the top commenter and Anxious Mom was a close second. Thanks! In March I gained 24 more followers (56 total) and had visits from 24 different countries which is a 4 countries more than February. For the second month running the US, Canada and UK were the top three countries to visit my blog.

In other updates, I ran 100.8 miles in March. I’d like to keep this up for the remainder of the year, possible adding on a few more! I am currently at 217 miles for this year. As of March 1st, I was down 60 miles. I am now only 35 miles behind my target of 252. Two more 100 mile months will get me caught up and surpass that deficit.

7 thoughts on “A Month in Review

  1. I reckon I have some work to do 😉

    It’s fun to watch your stats go up! I don’t have any plans of doing anything with my blog (in terms of monetizing it), but it’s great to be heard all the same.

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    • I really have no plans for my blog either other than to use it as a platform if there ever comes a day when I get published. Right now I’m just using it to challenge my writing skill. And as my DW often points out when she’s proof reading, I still have a ways to go! 🙂

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      • I know, right? She laughs the whole time, too. Meanwhile, I’m sitting at my computer fixing the mistakes she points out as she sees them. Unfortunately, it’s after I post it.


  2. LOL! Funny I made it to your top list, I don’t know if I should feel honoured or embarrassed! :p Sometimes I wonder if I’m commenting too much. I’ve seriously enjoyed your writing though, the personal experiences with kids are the ones I enjoy the most. So keep doing whatever you are doing! So great to see those stats up!

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