B is for Bedtime

BYesterday I wrote about getting some action. Today, B is for bedtime. I love to get me some after bedtime. Some peace and quiet that is.

Bedtime. Ahhh, peace and quiet at last. Sweet baby Jesus, I never thought it could be so quiet in the house with 2 boys (well, 3 if you include myself). I know. I know. I know. Sometimes I don’t help bring the noise level down. We like to run and chase and scare and shoot Nerf darts and throw indoor snowballs and play kickity kick ball in the hallway. And the music? If you can’t hear it from the other side of the mountain it’s obviously not loud enough for the dance party! The loud peels of laughter coming from bathroom are a joy- even if it does mean there will be water coming from under the bathroom door when I go up the stairs to get them out.

Those are the fun times. However, sometimes the noise level is equal to that of a herd of jumbo jets and is not so pleasant. Bang has a screech that I presume is what a pterodactyl sounded like 150 million years ago. It’s just for show, too. If he doesn’t get his way, or Crash is tormenting him or an ad pops up on the tablet out comes the screech. If he doesn’t outgrow it by the time he turns 4 in June, we might just lose our minds.

But at bedtime… ah sweet relief. There’s no fighting, no screeching, no crankenstein. Messes can be properly cleaned (3 and 7 year olds can clean, just not very thoroughly – like when I asked Crash to clean off the table, he just swiped it all on to the floor.). I can go for my run and regain a little sanity (or I can sit on the couch with DW and eat cheesies and ice cream and indulge in our guilty pleasure a.k.a. The Voice or Grey’s Anatomy on Thursdays).

At least once through the day, usually during the height of sibling rivalry, someone can be heard asking “Is it bedtime, yet?” 6:30? Yes, go your bedtime snack, watch your one episode of Bubble Guppies, and go upstairs to read and go to bed! HALLELUJAH!


19 thoughts on “B is for Bedtime

    • I’ll never forget when Bang stopped taking naps… He wasn’t even 2! (close but not quite). He wanted no part of them. It’s a time to either caught up on everything I didn’t get done when he’s awake, or a time to chill out and relax. It’s always a tough decision.

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  1. Right there with you!!! I know I have a great kid, and it makes me happy that she’s grown out of her shy, quiet phase and become an outspoken little diva. But there are times everyday when I look at her and just want to scream, “SHUT UP ALREADY, WILL YA?!” lol
    Cue bath and storytime, and then mommy and daddy get to collapse and enjoy being able to actually hear our shows and video games. XD

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    • It’s a wonderful time of day. if things get bad around here I call a time out and send them to their room to read. Yesterday I sent Bang to his room and he was so quiet I forgot I sent him there until he came bak downstairs happy as lark 45 minutes later!

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  2. Ahh remember those times so well. So nice when it all went quiet. Just have to be careful what you wish for – our kids have all flown the nest now and sometimes it’s too quiet in the house 😉


    • I try to be careful not to wish the whole day away… just the moment 🙂 I often tell people nothing shows how fast time truly passes until you have kids and watch them grow.


  3. Bedtime = Best Time of the Day 🙂
    I’m not even talking about After Bedtime = Me-Time (which i really, really crave and enjoy)

    Bedtime as in tucking in my son, holding him and chatting. It’s when we connect best. No more running, shouting, kicking, just winding down.

    Oh, and sneaking into his room when he’s sound asleep. Angelic!

    Cheers from a fellow A-Z blogger and friend of Coach Daddy’s


    • That’s a fantastic point, Tamara. I suppose I should have included that’s the one time of day our boys aren’t moving, but laying and snuggling quietly. Night time prayers, tucking them in and chatting quietly in the dark. Thanks! I’m a new friend of The Coach and need to read some more of his stuff. He sounds like a pretty good (and funny) guy!


    • It takes an hour and half to get ready for bed. They watch a cartoon while eating their bedtime snack until 7. Then it’s teeth, pee, PJs, and stories. It’s lights out between 7:30 and 8. Beautiful time of day.

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      • They never really do fall asleep at 6.30 p.m..although sometimes I wish they would. 6.30 or sometimes I cheat at 6.15…i guess at least they are in their rooms, in bed and it could take anytime from1-2 hours before they zzzz….


      • NICE! Even on weekends they go to bed at 7. Sometimes we’ll let them stay up until 9 on one of the weekend nights. But they STILL get up at 6 or 6:30 in the morning. Early to bed, early to rise. Late to bed, early to rise.


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