A-Z- A is for Action


I love to get me some action! Albeit, when I do, I’m usually by myself. And it takes about an hour and five minutes and I’m so sweaty when I’m done DW won’t touch me. Kids need action, too. It’s recommended that they get an hours worth of action every day. I’m speaking, of course, about exercise. I suppose I should say I love to be active. Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, geocaching, swimming, running, etc…

Thus far our two rug rats enjoy being active as well. Mind you, it’s disguised as running, jumping and climbing at the park or shovelling the mountains of snow in the back yard and driveway (April 1st and the snow is still deep enough to bury picnic tables completely and that’s no joke!). We’re still having snowball fights. Just walking through the yard in knee deep snow is enough to raise our heart rates.

One day the snow will melt. I’m guessing August. We’ll be out jumping on the trampoline, playing Frisbee golf, going swimming and all the other fun outside stuff. But for now, I’ll let them walk/run on the treadmill. We did yoga yesterday, too. But that’s another letter for another day (April 29th, to be exact).

Another way I keep them active is to send them on wild goose chases up and down two flights of stairs. I’ll be on the main floor and send them to the basement to get something for me only to remember that it’s upstairs, not down. I also send them all over the house if they’re looking for something and ask me where it is.

How do you get action active?

A is also for attention. Kids need A LOT of attention. I had to pause my writing of this no less than three times.

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14 thoughts on “A-Z- A is for Action

  1. Enjoyed your post!

    I don’t get active, but plan to change that by starting yoga and going on walks (hopefully eventually jobs as I’d like to do the couch to 5K thing) through the neighborhood. LM is very active, plays sports, and bounces off every wall in the house.

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  2. LOL You’ve described Crash and Bang. Our poor walls! My wife did the couch to 5-k thing (no official program) by going walking. Then one day she started to run for short bursts, the distance between telephone poles). Then one day she returned from her walk and told me she was able to run the whole way. Just takes time and patience. I find running (being active) slightly more therapeutic than writing. Crash is at the age now that he can ride his bike and keep up with me while I run.Good luck and glad you like today’s post 🙂


  3. I never did have any trouble keeping my two boys active. It was more a case of trying to keep them still long enough to do homework 🙂 Myself, I walk a lot and rarely drive anywhere unless I really have to.


    • Exact same with my two boys. It’s harder to keep them still than get them going! Way to with the walking! When the weather is a bit warmer and drier, I ride my bike when I can.


  4. The beginning of your post cracked me up. lol

    I like to get active by running with my Zombies! Run! 5k training app. Unfortunately with my stomach problems I’ve been too gun shy to run in public for quite a while, but I’m getting back into it via the treadmills at work. ^_^


    • I’ve heard about that Zombie app, but haven’t used it. I understand how you would be drawn it 🙂 Good for you to use the treadmills. Don’t be shy to run/walk in public. People really won’t notice.


      • It makes running so much more fun. The idea is that you’ve landed yourself in this little township that has itself walled off from the zombie apocalypse, and you’re training to be a “runner”, who are the people that run out into the fray to gather supplies. It plays like a story through your headphones, with the other members of the township training you, and a back-story is slowly revealed. The first time I used it I managed to get up to something like 5 km in 40 minutes…I was doing really good, but that’s around when my stomach problems started to crop up and I didn’t feel well enough to risk running. @_@

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      • I am curious now. That sounds kinda fun. That would play right to my ego… civilizations depends on my ability to run. I like to think I am faster than the zombie shuffle. 🙂


  5. I love getting a dad’s perspective on things! My husband is very active – he’s been a marathoner for years, completed his first ultra last year and is currently training for an Iron Man. It’s both inspiring and crazy!


    • Way to go for your hubby. I haven’t tackled the marathon yet. The time it takes to properly train is out of my reach at the moment. But one day I will run them. I’d like to take on an ultra sometime, too. And Iron Mans are just plain nuts! Thanks for reading!


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