Dylann’s Waterfalls; A 3 Act Story: Act 1

It was just another Saturday morning as Dylann McDermont sat at the small kitchen table with the warm morning sun shining through the window. His current work, a fictional story about an orphaned brother and sister, covered the table. He somberly ate his cold cereal while contemplating his love life; or lack there of. He was beginning to wonder if he was looking for Ms. Right in the wrong place when the silence was broken by the voice of a female. It was only Josephine, a long time friend and a current roommate in the cozy apartment. She strolled into the kitchen with her hair as dark as midnight, eyes so captivating, a smile as inspirational as a million dollars and a figure to die for. “How was your date with what’s her name last night?”

Dylann looked at her with such intensity she had no difficulty seeing the fire in his eyes. “You mean Erin, the freak of nature?”

“Oh. That bad, huh?”

“My God Joe. Um, yeah, don’t think she’ll be hearing from me again.” Dylann said with contempt.

Unable to contain her curiosity to know what happened, she gently prodded and poked to hear as many details as she could. “What did she do?”

“For one, she is rather stupid. Her light bulb burnt out. Not even a flicker. “

“You’re kidding. I thought she was smart.”

“So did I. But no… we were wrong. First she had no idea who William Shakespeare was! Shakespeare! Who doesn’t know Shakespeare?”
“Damn. That’s bad.”

“It gets worse. That was just on the way to the restaurant. Once we got to Fernatelli’s, you know that little Italian place across town? I opened her door, being the gentleman that I am. She closed it and slammed my finger in the door.”

“Oh no. Let me see.”

“I would let you, but the band-aid is still on it and I’m afraid it’ll start bleeding again. Anyway, we order dinner, laugh at how the night’s progressing and enjoy the moment. Until the food arrives. Then she talked to it.”

“To her food?”

“Yep.” Then in his most high-pitched, mocking a female voice continues, “ I’m going to cut you up and eat you all. None of you will be left.”

“That’s what she was saying to her food?”

“Could I make this up?”

“So what did you do after dinner?”

“I took her straight home. Hell, I didn’t even walk her to the door.”


“What? I was just trying to save myself. What about your date?”

“He cancelled.”

“Lucky you.” Dylann rose from the table, placed his empty bowl in the sink and was about to begin editing his latest creation when the phone rang. “I got it,” he yelled to Josephine, who was about to get in the shower. “It’s probably Keezer calling to ask the same questions you just did. Hello?”

It was Keezer. He had never known him as anything but Keezer. He didn’t even know where or when Keezer got his nickname. That’s just how his girlfriend, Trish, introduced him at the writing consortium 2 years ago. Dylann knew Trish because they were both English majors and Trish had introduced him to Keezer and they’d been best friends since. Keezer had become Dylann’s only other best friend since moving here 3 years ago.

“Hey, slacker, what’s up?”

“Not a damn thing.” Dylann replied.

“You want to do lunch later?”



“You’re funny. Hell no. Pick somewhere else. How about The Princess?”

“That’s cool. I love that little diner. How about 12:30 then?”

“Sure. See you there.” Dylann hung up the phone and checked the time. 9:30. That left plenty of time to shower and do a little cleaning.

Return tomorrow to read Act 2: Dylann’s converstation with Keezer.

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