Crash’s Fairy Tale

I had nothing to do with this post. As much as I’d like to edit it, I won’t. It’s not my work. I’m sure my teacher friends (Frideds) will be able to decipher this. This is the work of 7 year old Crash. He saw me writing/editing Dylann’s Waterfalls and wanted to write his own story. Personally, I think he just wanted extra computer time. But he was writing/typing so I figured I’d let him get away with it this time. After about 45 minutes, this is his completed story. I love his inventive spelling. Happy Reading!

Chapter 1 of/3

once upon a time there was a ant named Sandy . one day she went to her Frideds house to play antlanders and on the way she met a boy but she dident no his name. So she cept on goin.Then the boy lookt at sandy. She was suprisd [ and little scard ] then he pute hes hand doun and sandy wasint scard anymore and she stept on.
Chapter 2 of/3

Then the boy took her to his house and shed to his mother can I ceep her. Maby his mom sead. Next it was nite .sandy was in a jar with a stik and some lefs. She was getting tired. Next morning saw pancaks,bacen and eggs.
Chapter 3 of/3

She climd over her stik and out the jar,frst she had baken then some eggs and 2 pancakes and she got cept and you now Crash’s fary tile

(Disclaimer; he had his own name at the end. However, my WordPress name for him is Crash and his brother is Bang because they are loud.)

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