Awesomest Sound Ever!

According to Google Maps it’s roughly 8,000 Km (4,970 miles) from here – an 89 hour drive. After we win the lottery and get that RV, we are so going here. Yes, in January when it’s cold and the lake is frozen. Just so we can hear the sound of skipping rocks. I must admit, I think my reaction would be similar to his. How exciting would it be to hear such an unexpected sound from doing something so mundane as skipping a rock on frozen lake? I’ll probably pack my own rocks to throw just in case there aren’t any there. Alaska, here we come! (sometime in the very distant future) Anyone in Alaska or anyone who knows anyone in Ak, who knows more about this, I’d love to know!

4 thoughts on “Awesomest Sound Ever!

  1. You know, I hear that you can get an amazing return on your investment with some RVs. Let it double as a side business, ala Walter White, and BOOM, Alaska is funded.


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