A Secret Party

rachel-bjerke In another lifetime these woods were full of life. The fires would roar in their stone chambers giving their gifts of heat and light. The fountain filled with the best wine available. Men in suits of black, women in gowns of every color conversed on the excitement of the first moving picture. When the band sounded their first note of Ain’t Misbehavin’ even the trees would stop to listen. Then the drums would shake foundations and hips alike and the dancing wouldn’t stop until the wine was dry. But that was a hundred years ago.

This is a story in 100 words or fewer for Friday Fictioneers based on the photo above. Click the blue frog to read more stories inspired by this photo!


8 thoughts on “A Secret Party

  1. Thanks. I had 2 stories for this one. This one was me wondering what this place used to be. The other was about childrens’ imagination. I liked this one better. Thanks for reading and commenting!


  2. I love this story – it brings to mind “The Great Gatsby” with images of wild abandon and excess. The notion of the drums shaking the foundations along with the hips is wonderful. I’d like to have been at one of those parties (just one, mind you).

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    • Thanks Margaret! The Great Gatsby is a bit what I had in mind for this kind of party. I was imagining people acting high and mighty but really they were just there for the drinks and music! Would have been a good one, too!


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