Beach, Mountains, or Forest?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Places.”

My blogging brother over at Gramblings wrote about getting away. He wrote about not having to leave to relax. We don’t need a cabin in the woods or the beach house or a summer home in order to get away and recharge. Simply being with friends and family is enough. Enjoying the quiet (or boisterous if that’s your style) moments is all it takes to get away. It’s work we are usually attempting to escape from. Therefore, once you’re not at work, once you’re at home and changed into comfy clothes, surrounded by family, then it’s unwind and getaway time. But, what if you have the opportunity to actually get away and go somewhere for a day or two. Daily Post’s Prompt asked if we’d get away to the beach, the mountains or a forest…

For me that would totally be the mountains. There are forest on the mountains so I’d be in my glory, so to speak. I love the woods and I love the mountains. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy spending most the summer getting away to the beach for a day with the DW and kids. But I really love the woods.

I love hearing the whispers of the trees, the songs of the birds, and feet crunching the dirt and leaves beneath my feet. There are no worries, no deadlines, and for that time nothing else exists except that which surrounds me. Of course, there’s the occasional spiderweb to walk through. But once you get over the fact that the spider that built it isn’t poisonous, it’s okay.

I went to school at small university in Western Maryland nestled in the Appalachian Mountains. I loved it. The overlooks were phenomenal.

Dan's Mountain

Dan’s Mountain

It took me an hour to bike up that mountain and a half hour to get back down it. The camping was awesome, too. It wasn’t uncommon to go backpacking in pants and a t-shirt, set up camp after a few hours and wake up to an inch or two of snow.

There’s a place about 10 minutes from where we currently live, Creignish Mountain. Should DW and I win the lottery, it will be one place we build a house. She’s a beach girl, I’m a mountain boy and Creignish has both.

Creignish Mountain

Creignish Mountain

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