A 7 Year Old’s Man Cold

Both kids, Crash and Bang, have colds. Only Crashes is WAY worse. Judging by his moaning last night at bedtime I wasn’t sure he would survive the night. He also chose the hottest pair of pajamas he owns – fleece footed pajamas. He was told he’d get too hot, but like many sevenagers, he just had to wear them because mom and dad don’t know what they’re talking about. Apparently he didn’t believe us because Mr. Stubborn wore them anyway. He wasn’t in bed 5 minutes when he was up telling us he couldn’t sleep.

Literally, it was 5 minutes. My nose is running like a tap, he told us. I’m too hot. Go blow your nose we told him. Change your pajamas. (See? I told you so!) He’s horrible at blowing his nose and I have no idea why. It makes no sense to us. He barely gives a puff that might put out a candle and he expects that to be enough. We just can’t get him to put any effort into it. He can’t wait for his cold to be gone? Neither can we!

Bang, the threenage, on the other hand, is genuinely ill. Tired, stuffy head, wheezy, snot dripping out of his nose every time he sneezes kind of sick. I’d say cranky, but he’s that most days. Last night, DW propped him up to sleep and that seemed to help significantly. He only woke once or twice through night because he fell off his props and got cold when he became uncovered. They both have doctor appointments this afternoon so she can listen to their chest and check their throats and ears to make sure there’s nothing going on there.

Now I’m going to take them out to get some fresh air and clear their heads.

How are your little ones when they get colds? Do they handle it well or does it become a “man cold”? 


3 thoughts on “A 7 Year Old’s Man Cold

  1. Our 7-year-old boys sound like they’ve been sharing secrets. My kid is the *exact* same down, down to the footed PJs and pitiful nose blowing attempt. (He’s scared of snot getting on the outside of his nose, not that this deters him from picking it every day.) Give the boy strep throat though, and he’s all “when can I go outside and run a marathon?!”


  2. HAHAHAHAHA I’m roaring! “scare of snot getting on the outside of his nose, not that this deters him from picking it every day.” Are you sure these two kids weren’t separated at birth? You’ve just described what goes on here perfectly. I don’t suppose yours can eat you out of house and home?


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