Locked Out

lockedIt’s only funny because it all worked out in the end. No one was hurt. Nothing was broken. I hope it’s happened to other and not just me. It wasn’t even my fault. Well, not entirely. I’m quite sure I looked foolish trying to talk to Bang through the closed window in the middle of the parking lot at a busy grocery store.

Last Thursday there was no playgroup for Bang, but we had the car so we could go grocery shopping. It was becoming Mother Hubbard’s Cupboards around here. Anyway, we had a grand time shopping. He pushed his little cart around the store – the one from his play kitchen at home. He carried the bread crumbs and goldfish.

Fast forward to checkout and out to the car to load the groceries. First, I tell Bang to get into his car seat while I go around the driver door to pop the trunk open. Me, thinking I was being smart, also started the car so it could warm up for a minute while I put the groceries in the back. After the groceries were all loaded I close the trunk and head back to Bang’s seat to get him buckled only to find him in the passenger seat up front. He climbs over the seat to get back into his car seat and I buckle him and close his door. That’s when I realize all the doors are locked. The little bugger hit the power lock button! So now the car’s running, the kid’s buckled and the doors are locked.

Fortunately, DW work is only a 5 minute’s walk from where Bang and I were. Fortunately, she was on lunch break. Fortunately, I had the cell phone with me. While we were waiting for her to come rescue us I thought a few things to get the doors open.

Bang can unbuckle the top buckle of his 5 point harness. I thought maybe if got that unbuckled he could get an arm out and reach the lock on his own door. He couldn’t get his arm out. Then I remember last summer how he used to put his window down by pushing the power window button with his toes. BRILLIANT! So here I am shouting to Bang through the window of a locked door in the middle of a busy parking lot trying to get him to take his boots off. He can barely hear me. The radio is on and it’s kind of loud, but he understood what I was telling him. He reaches over with his bare foot to push the button and nothing happens. NOT. A. THING! Of course, the power window lock is also pushed.

It’s at about this time that DW comes hustling across the parking lot with her keys in hand. I explained it to her twice how it happened and took her back to work. Lesson learned. Keep the power windows unlocked!

I sure got the car warmed up. Bang was content to watch me freeze outside while he was roasty toasty in the car.

4 thoughts on “Locked Out

  1. Yikes, I’m glad everything worked out–especially without having to break out a window. That’ll make me think twice about putting the power window locks on now!


  2. Exactly Ann. I wasn’t panicked in the slightest. He was buckled so I knew he couldn’t get in trouble. The car was on, hence the heat was on, too, so I knew he wasn’t cold, even if he was barefoot. And my wife was really close by. I was more anxious about telling her I locked myself out while the kid was in the car than I was about actually being locked out! 🙂


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