Too Distracted

I skipped my book review yesterday in lieu of writing about my Jesus shoes.  I also want to write my Friday Fictioneers story from Rochelle. However, I’ve been too caught up in my first “viral” post to write anything.

The Value of a Teacher has really taken off. It’s my first post to actually garner a vast audience and I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve been averaging about 30 views a day, but with that single post I reached 149 views yesterday and tonight I’m currently at 224 240.  What caught my attention even more were the little share buttons at the bottom. It’s been re-blogged once – thanks Jay! (you can visit him here) It was shared on twitter once. It was shared via Facebook 164 times!

So I’m calling this a skin and bones post. Technically, it’s a post, but there’s no meat in it. Just me bumbling along talking about my excitement over the success of a previous post.

I’ll be back tomorrow to write that 100 word story. And I also have a pretty funny story about how I got locked out my car. Stay tuned!


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