The Write Impression: Hauraches

This post is in response to Izzy’s  Literary impressions

For those who know me, I’m an avid runner. More avid some days than others. I injured my IT band (it connects your hip to your knee) after a half marathon about four years ago. Every time I would run, whether it was 1 mile or 12, I would barely be able to walk for hours. So I took some time off to let it heal. After a year of “letting it heal” I began reading Christopher McDougall’s book Born to Run.

In this book he discusses the Indians of Mexico’s Copper Canyon. The Tarahumara have developed the ability to run hundreds of miles without rest and they do it while wearing huaraches. If you never worn or seen huaraches think of Roman sandals with leather laces that wrap around the ankle and calf. leatherbftfootB1This was enough to inspire me. I wanted my own huaraches and I wanted to make them myself, just like the Tarahumara did. According to the McDougall’s book the Tarahumara made their shoes using old tires cut to fit their feet. I didn’t have an old tire so I bought a perfectly good pair of cheap sandals. Then I dismantled them, drilled a few holes and put in some leather boot laces and tied them according to this youtube video.

After all was said and done, they had turned out pretty good. However, I never used them for running like the Tarahumara. I never got into the barefoot running movement that McDougall’s book inspired. I was nervous about injury that jumping into barefoot running could cause. Also, everyone called them my “Jesus sandals”.

They were fun for a bit but not very practical. I wasn’t going to run in them as intended because to train yourself to run barefoot you basically have to start running a quarter mile a day and extremely slowly build up the distance otherwise you risk injury. My shoes were working just fine so I figured if it wasn’t broke it didn’t need fixing. I’ll leave the huaraches to the Tarahumara.

* I thought I had a picture of my huaraches, but I can’t seem to find it. If I ever do I’ll be sure to show you!


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