Book Review #6

There were monkeys

In my kitchen

They were climbing

Up the walls

They were dancing

On the ceiling

They were bouncing


When I read this, I knew I had to have this book. Never mind that I was going to meet Sheree Fitch. It was about the chaos monkeys love to create. With two monkeys of my own, how could I resist.

Willa Wellowby has a primate problem. Monkeys, apes, chimpanzees, orangutans, and gorillas invade her house causing a terrible mess. While they begin in the kitchen, they are not contained to the kitchen. They can be found on the lawn, in the bathroom, bedroom, and basement. Willa attempts to contact the RCMP several times for help, but they are slow to respond. She finally persuades the primates to leave, but not before they have created a terrible mess. The ending is left open, perfect for predicting what will happen next.

Though she wrote with her own kids in mind for the monkeys, she has also written in a few other characters. Sheree’s friend is a chimp in red-leather boots. Her sister is a bubble gum blowing RCMP officer. A professor is written in as an orangutan playing the bagpipes.

Imagine the sound (or perhaps you don’t have to imagine it if you’ve actually heard it) of a basketball being bounced on the kitchen floor. Now imagine reading using that pounding cadence. That rhythm is mesmerizing and bound to keep the attention of any little monkey you may read to.  Sheree is a wizard with words, a powerhouse in poetry, and a creative mastermind. This story and art work (by Sydney Smith) is sure to captivate any monkey of any age and I highly recommend it.

Lastly, I’d like to boast for a bit. Our family had the honor of meeting Mrs. Fitch. She was in the area speaking at two local schools and DW was her chauffeur. After her performances DW brought Mrs. Fitch to our house so she could meet our monkeys boys and sign their book. Later that evening, DW and I had supper with Sheree and her husband at a fundraiser. Granted it was with about 80 others. However, we had the privilege of sitting with Sheree and her husband. I can honestly say that Sheree is as spectacular of a person as she is writer.

You can find her here. Happy Reading!


3 thoughts on “Book Review #6

  1. Thank you . you made my DAY! Next time I come that way — a longer visit with those monkeys and your family. Truly one of the BEST THINGS about being a storyteller is connecting with families like yours.


    • Hi Sheree! Please let us know if/when you are in the area. We’d love to have you back for a longer visit 😀 The monkeys loved seeing you, too. Hope I did your book justice! Thanks for writing to me, you made my day! 😀


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