Book Review #5

nowhere to hideThis time I jump out of my usual comfort zone and read a horror novel. I’m going to need some decompression time after this one. My usual reading time is at bedtime. Bad idea for me and zombies to meeting up at bedtime. However, I survived, unlike the zombies.

Nancy King is leading a rather typical single life when a resident in her apartment dies. No big deal until they return to life ready to feast on the living. Nancy flees in hopes of finding safety. She meets people willing to help, to ban together and fight for survival. She meets some who are only out to protect themselves. Who can she trust? In her self-published, début novel, Nowhere to Hide, Tracey Tobin brings us into the zombie apocalyptic world of the gruesome, the slow and persistent stagger of the undead.

This novel kept me guessing, my predictions of what would come next was constantly wrong. Just when I thought they’d found a safe place to wait out the nightmare, they would be on the run again. Just when I thought she’d met the right people, she’d be betrayed and on the run again. Just when I thought it was over…

Tracey does a fantastic job of bringing the story to life. It won’t take much to imagine the zombies that chase her down. It won’t take much to imagine the building and towns she attempts to escape to. Her characters are realistic right down to their decision making processes. You can easily hear panic, uncertainty, relief, and excitement in their dialogue.

Whether you are a fan of zombie novels, female protagonists or suspenseful stories, this one is sure to entertain and keep you on your toes. If you’re anything like me you’ll be telling Nancy to run faster, to not go in there!


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