7 Things

I was roped into this by a beautiful woman so I thought I would play along…
I was asked to write 7 things about me that people may or may not know. Here goes…

1) I love the outdoors. Winter, spring, summer, and fall (my favorite). I love running outside, hiking, camping, kayaking, swimming. If it takes place outside, count me in. I prefer the mountains to the beach.

2) I met my beautiful wife on a website that my brother introduced me to, Hot or Not. I was an 8.6. She was a 9.4… out of my league. I am thankful she clicked yes (in return for me wanting to meet her) and said yes a year later (to marry me)! And though it’s been a loop-d’-loop and corkscrew of a roller coaster ride, we’re celebrating 10 years of marriage this Canada Day (July 1st)!

3) I decided in 6th grade that I wanted to be a teacher. Back then, I was a Civil War nut so I thought I’d teach history. Then I had the opportunity to work with little ones and I loved it. My first teaching gig in my own classroom was 4th grade Math and Science in Virginia. I still enjoy history, but I like math and science just as much.

4) I wish we lived closer to my brother and sister-in-law. Here we are in Atlantic Canada and there they are in South Korea. I know we’d have a lot of fun together (as would our kids). I love living here, but I do miss my family in Maryland. With a little luck and some planning we’ll be able to make a trip down there this summer to visit them.

5) I’m in introvert with extrovert tendencies. I don’t like being in large crowds of strangers but I have no problem with public speaking. At one time, I entertained the idea of trying out for a local play. But most of the time I MUCH prefer the company of a few or even alone time.

6) I enjoy manual labor, which I contribute to working for 14 years on a farm. I enjoy getting my hands dirty, working up a sweat, and getting out and doing.

7)  I got my head stuck in cinder block when I was around 2 (I think. Mom and dad can clarify. It was my dad who pinned my ears down so I could get my head out. The only reason my head was stuck was because the block scratched my ears when I pulled my head up). To this day, no one knows why I stuck my head in a cinder block. I guess it explains a lot.


4 thoughts on “7 Things

  1. I thinks some of us introverts are just naturally good at public speaking. I have no problem with it as well. I think it might have something to do with not having to actively hold a conversation. Haha!


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