The Sacred Spot

balconyThe wedding was perfectly planned. I would marry my true love right here, the entrance to our beloved home, on a day when there was not a cloud to be seen.

Now, the two hundred guests, seated on the lawn under the old oak, had left. Father Thomas had returned to church to prepare for tomorrow’s mass. The horse and carriage had returned to the stables.

All is quiet now as I sit alone in this sacred spot in solitude. Sacred only to me for this is place where she was to marry me. She never showed.

This is a story in 100 or fewer for Friday Fictioneers based on the photo above. Click the blue frog to read more stories!

29 thoughts on “The Sacred Spot

  1. Dear Stomperdad,

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers with your well written piece. I feel it only fair to warn you that this flash fiction thing is highly addictive. Having said that, I’ll say that I enjoyed this, although the ending was rather sad and I hope to see you back.




    • Thank you Rochelle. I’ve been looking for a way to work on my creative writing. This looks perfect. I’m already imagining using one of my 100 word stories as a springboard to much larger story. And judging by the response from this piece, I will be writing many more. Addicted after one story, yes. Yes, I am, but thanks for the warning!


  2. I’m not sure what’s sadder, the actual story or the fact that I could identify with it so much 😦 Anyway, a good story and I don’t think I’ve seen you before so welcome to Friday Fictioneers! 🙂


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