Some backyard fun

IMG_6075Okay, so that’s not the backyard. Obviously. That was our view of the door to get to the backyard. Once we were all dressed and done playing on the frosty window, we ventured outside. The storm dropped about ten of snow us. It had been really windy which made drifts that were closer to three feet. Anyway… we had to shovel off the steps and walkway to the house before we could even think about shovelling the driveway.

IMG_6118That’s the finished product. Not outstanding by any means. But when you have to shovel the bottom three times it’s a ton of work. As usual, just as I was finishing along come the snow plow and blocks our driveway again. That would be Bang at the bottom to give a little reference.

IMG_6106Technically, this fungi  fun guy wasn’t built from the snow of our last storm. He was built a couple of weeks ago and long since gone to play in the great snow fields in the sky. Carrot for a nose, raisins for eyes and strawberry lips. The birds loved him after he left us.

IMG_6114This is the snow after our last storm that gave us ten or more inches. I shovelled a path across our yard so we could get to the bus stop. It’s about two feet here. It was dry, fluffy snow with a layer of ice at the bottom. We were ice skating on our backyard before the snow came. I tried to get a decent picture of our backyard, but it just won’t turn out right. Our whole backyard is now full of paths like this. We play path tag. The snow is too deep to walk through. But the paths are perfect and they’re now plentiful. I even had a to dig a path down the small hill to go sledding because it just wasn’t working otherwise.

iglooAgain, this was before the big storm, about the same time Frosty the Snowman was built. This was for DW’s birthday! She was out for her run so I took Crash and Bang out to play in the snow to discover the sun had melted it into perfect sticky snow. So we started building an igloo. We built an impressive one last year so, of course, I had to go bigger and better this year. This was the final result. It was tall enough for DW and I to stand up in together. Actually, all four of us could stand up in it! . DW joined in after she got back from her run and well all was said and done it had taken us five hours to build. Then it started raining. I think the rain collapsed it faster than it took us to build it. It was fun to build. Too bad we didn’t get to play in it. We were all pretty disappointed. Hopefully, we’ll get another chance to build this icy estate before winter is over. There’s another eight inches predicted for Friday. I’m just thankful Crash and Band love being outside regardless of the season or the temperature.

8 thoughts on “Some backyard fun

    • At the start of the year we would get some snow and the snow would switch to rain and then the temps would drop to -10C. It did that 2-3 times and we had a half inch of ice in the backyard. Hence the ability to skate in the yard. Snugging up with hot chocolate and marshmallows only happens after a couple of hours of playing outside 😀 As a non-Canadian, I love the snow!


  1. It was a lot of snow for one storm (with the exception of the storm Buffalo, NY got when they got 48 inches or more). I’m already getting giddy for Friday’s storm. They’ve put out storm warnings already. Must be a doozy coming if they’re warning us 4 days in advance. They usually wait until a day or two before. It is so amazingly quiet when I go running it… I love it.


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