The Grocery Store Adventure

SHopping cartI’m not one to judge. Not verbally, anyway. I’m sure I’ve been judged a few times. I’m okay with that. Last night at the grocery store would be a prime example. Sure, some people saw Crash and Bang following their dad along aisle by aisle pushing their short carts and thought how cute. I know others were wondering why I was raising such heathens who would climb the shelves and scream like howler monkeys.Okay, they didn’t really climb the shelves. But they were still heathens, mostly. They’re not always heathens. I swear they can be cute and friendly. I’m not even sure why I made them come with me. But I did and it’s done.

The grocery store we frequent has short carts, bigger than a basket yet smaller than the full size cart. Mainly used when you plan to hit up the 15 items or less checkout. Crash and Bang each got one because it just wouldn’t be fair to let just one kid push. Plus, it usually keeps them occupied and out of trouble. Usually. Last evening, Bang decided to collect all the tags marking the store’s brand and the tags proclaiming which items were BOGO (buy one get one free). Unfortunately, it wasn’t until checkout that I noticed what he’d done. He must have had a couple dozen tags in his cart! My apologies grocery store. I hope it didn’t take too long to replace them.

Another drawback of giving them their own cart is they feel it gives them right to put whatever they want in it. Even if they don’t know what it is! No Bang, we do not need 2 gallon jugs of vinegar. No Crash, we do not need that squash. Why did you get pickles? You don’t even like pickles! Ugh.

Then, there was the chopstick incident. Damn those chopsticks! I had rounded the end of the aisle and was about to head up the next one. I look back and I could see Crash behind me but no Bang. Then I heard him. I know his scream anywhere. It comes when he’s frustrated about something ridiculous. His milk cup is half empty. The wrong song is on the radio. His toast isn’t in the center of the paper towel. The list goes on and anyone who’s survived or witnessed toddlerhood understands… it’ll be another post in and of itself. Anyway, the chopsticks incident. Bang had taken a bag of chopsticks off a hanging rack. He was screaming because he couldn’t get the bag hung back on the rack. I think I got a few looks. I would have looked at me.

I got the chopsticks hung back up and the screaming stopped. I didn’t feel so bad after the lady next to me said “I’m supposed to have three”. I noticed she had two kids with her and was apparently missing one. HA! Mine might be screaming like a banshee but at least I know where he is! I blame the incoming snow storm. It wasn’t our fault.

Last came the bumper carts. This was ultimately better than the screaming chopstick catastrophe only because they were with me, not shoving random, useless items in their cart and they were laughing. Laughing trumps screaming even if it’s preceded by the smashing of shopping carts into one another.

The trip did end on a cute note, even if it did hold up the line a bit longer on a night when people just wanted to get home before the rain turned to 25cm of snow. Bang sneaked behind the checkout counter and weaseled himself in front of the cashier. I thank her with all my heart that she had the kindness and patience to allow him to scan a few of our items so he could make the scanner beep. While he scanned his few items I quickly scanned the faces of those behind us. I thank them with all my heart that they too had the kindness and patience to allow him actively participate in our checkout. No cranky scowls. No rolling eyes or loud sighs of exasperation.

See. They can be cute and friendly.


3 thoughts on “The Grocery Store Adventure

  1. Oh my! It’s funny to read your post (tags!!!!oh man!) at the same time knowing it’s not so funny for you when it happened. And I’m sure you sometimes won’t be spared of any judgements. But hey! Something to look back and laugh; stories to blackmail the kids when they are older! :p


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