My favorite teacher/poet, Taylor Mali, wrote about it. He wrote that he wished math was as exciting as snow.

I can totally relate. We are currenty amidst a snow storm that has the potential to drop 8-10 inches of snow tonight. Am I excited?  Of course! It means snowen, snow caterpillars,  snowball fights and igloos. Our last igloo was an estate. It took us five hours to build and was tall enough for DW and I to stand up in. It was also wide enough for all 4 of us (DW, myself, Crash, and Bang) to lay down in. Unfortunately,  it rained that night and it collapsed in less time than it took to build. But it was fun, and now we know we can.

I am SO happy Crash and Bang love going outside no matter the season. Hence, I can’t wait too see their reaction to the “big snow” as Bang calls it. Tomorrow we will be sledding. Perhaps we’ll even venture over to the big hill in town instead of our backyard little hill. It’s 11:16 pm, it’s still snowing hard, and can safely say there will be no school tomorrow. So we’ll be outside until, our cheeks are rosy, our toes are cold, and the call of hot chocolate is louder than the call of the sleds and snowmen.


4 thoughts on “IT IS SNOWING!

  1. Our backyard turned into a giant ice rink! All snow we got was melted by the change to rain then it all froze when the temperature dropped to -10C. My son and I went ice skating on it and had a blast! No snowmen and igloos but we made do and it worked out all right 😀


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