What Kids Say

Of course kids say the darnedest things. They can be brutally honest. They often misunderstand meanings. Or they just plain get it wrong. As a teacher I have heard many, many quotable quotes. But my favorite quotes always come from the mouths of my own 2 kids.

Last year we kept a can of funny quotes uttered by our kids. Then on New Years Eve we opened the can and read all the funny things that were said over the year. This year, my DW received this book for Christmas…

quote bookNow we can keep track of all hilarity in one book.

C: (while tapping his foot to music) Mom! My foot’s a little bit singing!

Dad (to R) : Did you know that eggs come from chickens? Eggs that get fertilized turn into baby chickens.
R: What’s fertilize mean?
Dad: Go ask your mother.
Mom (to dad): Guess you didn’t think that one out far enough ahead, did ya?

The day before his first day of school…
Dad: What do you think the thing about school will be?
R: O Canada!
Dad: Great, the best part of his day is over at 8:45 am!

While having a Nerf gun battle…
R: Don’t worry dad, I’m handless.
Dad: Handless? You mean unarmed?
R: Yeah, I don’t have a gun.
(He did, he was just holding behind his back)

Have your kids said anything that makes you laugh out loud?

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